iFixit Offers a 2TB SSD Upgrade For Steam

Currently, Valve’s Steam Deck tops out at 512GB of storage space. If you want to play more than a few games on it, you need to upgrade to a larger SSD.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to do this without having to tinker too much with the device. iFixit has a guide on how to swap out the stock drive and install a new 2TB SSD in it.

iFixit’s Guide

iFixit provides repair guides and toolkits for a wide range of electronics. The company also performs product teardowns, making a trove of information available to consumers for free.

iFixit is an essential resource for many people, especially those in areas where internet access is difficult or nonexistent. The site is now providing offline versions of its guides through a partnership with Kiwix, which compresses websites into small files that can be read when there’s no internet connection.

The app is free to download and available in Google Play. It features a content section that aggregates guides and teardowns by device, as well as a user-created guide creation option. You can contribute photos, slides, and bullet points that explain how to fix things. You can then set your guide as public or private and edit it as needed. You’ll also gain reputation points for your work, which you can use to unlock rights and privileges on the platform.

iFixit’s Pricing

If you’re looking to upgrade your Steam Deck, you have a few options. First, there’s Valve, which sells its latest incarnation with up to 512GB of built-in storage for an affordable price.

However, if you really want to get your hands on some high-end games for the Steam Deck, you’ll need to go out and spend some cash on a higher-end configuration. And while the 512GB variant of the Steam Deck is a great option, it can be a bit cramped if you’re planning on playing multiple games at once.

Now, it’s a little surprising to see laptop maker Framework jumping into the ring with its own 2TB SSD upgrade for Steam Deck – not because the company has any vested interest in the portable PC gaming device, but simply because of their market connections to Western Digital. In particular, the company is selling a couple of slick 2TB SSDs that should be considered in your quest for the best possible Steam Deck upgrade.

iFixit’s Warranty

As the third big DIY repair outfit to throw its hat in the ring, iFixit has started selling 2TB SSD upgrades for Steam Deck owners. In the past, these SSDs have been difficult to find in a reputable source, so it’s great to see Framework, Scan UK, and now iFixit offering this storage upgrade at a much more affordable price point.

iFixit offers a Lifetime Warranty for all of its tools and parts. That means if something breaks or is damaged while you’re using it, you can send it back for a free replacement.

This lifetime guarantee applies to any spare part purchased from iFixit for your device (smartphone, tablet and Mac computers), except for batteries. It does not cover damages caused by installation errors, water damage or undue force. It also does not cover damages caused by jailbreaking or software defects on your device. In addition, iFixit does not accept responsibility for damages caused by third-party hardware, such as defective power adaptors or overvoltage damage.

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