PC Gamer Magazine Editor

PC Gamer is the UK’s leading magazine devoted to PC gaming. Founded in 1993, it is published by Future plc and is available in various regional editions.

Reporting to the UK Editor-in-Chief, you’ll work with a global team to deliver a best-in-class magazine on time and to budget. You’ll also develop new and exciting regulars to keep PC Gamer feeling fresh and relevant.

Reporting to the UK Editor-in-Chief

PC Gamer is the world’s best-selling PC gaming magazine and is published monthly in the UK by Future plc. It offers news, previews and reviews of the latest games, along with articles on PC hardware, mods, and “classic” games.

This is an exciting opportunity for a Games Editor who has an affinity for all things tech and has experience in the UK gaming industry. Reporting to the UK Editor-in-Chief, you’ll help to deliver a best-in-class magazine that gamers and enthusiasts love to read.

The right person for this position will have a deep understanding of the growing online gaming community, with an enthusiasm for bringing new insights to the gamer audience. This includes highlighting the most exciting new games, interviews with key players and designers, and revealing new developments in the PC gaming world.

Delivering a best-in-class magazine

We are on the lookout for a Magazine Editor to help us deliver the best gaming content on a global scale. Reporting to the UK Editor-in-Chief, you’ll be responsible for delivering a best-in-class magazine. You’ll be tasked with a number of responsibilities, including bringing the best in game coverage to our readers across print and digital platforms.

The most important part of the job is ensuring that you are able to deliver the content that your readers will want and expect. This includes working with the editorial team to develop and improve new and exciting regulars. You’ll also be tasked with maintaining and improving the quality of our online output, and you’ll be responsible for keeping PC Gamer feeling fresh.

The magazine industry is a competitive one and you’ll have to be on your toes to succeed. Entry-level positions are few and far between, but a relevant degree, some work experience or relevant qualification can go a long way towards getting you off the ground in this exciting career.

Developing new and exciting regulars

PC Gamer is a monthly magazine published by Future plc that is completely dedicated to the world of PC gaming. It features news on developments in the industry, previews of new games, reviews of hardware and mods, old school games and a whole lot more.

As a Magazine Editor you will be responsible for delivering the best possible magazine to the readers at every juncture of their gaming lifecycle, on time and within budget. You will be tasked with a range of key tasks such as identifying the most interesting new titles to write about, generating and testing prototypes of new content, liaising with the Art and Production Editors on design concepts, coordinating the production of the magazine, and ensuring that the magazine satisfies the highest expectations of the reader. You will also be tasked with developing and implementing the most effective strategies for attracting and retaining the most engaged of our community. The best way to do this is by fostering a collaborative, transparent environment that empowers the team to deliver the quality that PC Gamer is known for.

Keeping PC Gamer feeling fresh

PC Gamer is a global authority in games media and has offices in the US, UK and Australia. Our team is committed to delivering around-the-clock informative and entertaining coverage of every aspect of PC gaming.

We want to keep PC Gamer feeling fresh, and this includes the magazine itself – not just the reviews. This means looking for fresh stories and ideas that don’t have to be about PCs, but could be interesting to anyone who loves gaming as much as we do.

Whether it’s a well-argued opinion piece about how videogames make people feel, a crazy antics on stunt servers or a simple essay on unique in-game body language, we want to find stories that can spark debate and curiosity among our readers.

That’s why we’re looking for a new Magazine Editor in the UK. This person will help us to bring you a genuinely new and exciting perspective on the world of PC gaming.

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